We built Skin Allies to address the universal friction in the modern skincare experience - a deeply confusing and costly guessing game.

Nu Dao

Founder & CEO

When I turned 30, I started getting terrible cystic & hormonal acne that I couldn’t get rid of on my own. I would stay up all night on Reddit acne forums, spending countless time and money on treatments that gave me dry and irritated skin due to the harsh ingredients. Fixing my skin became an obsession. I started to dig into the science and learned a lot about the economics of the skincare industry in the process. I didn’t like what I learned. You've heard the stats before - toxic ingredients, no real regulation or labeling standards in the industry. The question I started asking myself: what was real and what wasn't? 70% of what we put on our skin topically is absorbed into our bloodstream. I believe we all deserve better. We partnered with the best experts in the world to bring clarity to the products that you use everyday, twice a day. That deserves transparency.

Sameep Sheth

Chief Technology Officer

Sameep worked at Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and Handy previously. He loves hacking and is currently building out the product and AI execution at Skin Allies. Currently in his second decade at transforming business problems into software.